Ognitive neuroscience has told us nothing about behaviour. Discuss

Below are just some article titles I researched using web of knowledge. Note that the desired approach would be to try and disprove the paper topic using evidence from studies.

Please keep in mind the deadline is at 4pm on the 31st.

Clinical Applicability of Functional MRI
John A. Detre, MD*

The neurobiology of deception: evidence from neuroimaging and loss-of-function studies
Nobuhito Abe

Combining transcranial magnetic stimulation and functional imaging in cognitive brain research: possibilities and limitations
Alexander T. Sacka, David E.J. Lindena

Volitional Control of Anterior Insula Activity Modulates the Response to Aversive Stimuli. A Real-
Time Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study
Andrea Caria, Ranganatha Sitaram, Ralf Veit, Chiara Begliomini, and Niels Birbaumer

The neuroscience of investing: fMRI of the reward system
Richard L. Peterson

Mapping social target detection with functional magnetic resonance imaging
Gabriel S. Dichter, Jennifer N. Felder, James W. Bodfish, Linmarie Sikich and Aysenil Belger