Ognitive Psychology take-home final exam

Thank for using a page for each questions and if possible single space or 1.5. This is for a cognitive psychology course. The book we are using is COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY IN AND OUT OF THE LABORATORY (GALOTTI 2008) INTERNATIONAL STUDENT VERSION. ALSO, you can use other sources from internet that are relevant to this paper. Thank you for giving clear, simple and detailed examples, everything has to be supported by evidence (apa style). Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, i was very pleased by the previous assignment. You seem to have a great knowledge and understanding of the topic. best regards


1. Discuss the role of perception in influencing how people organize and represent
visual and spatial information. Through your answer, explain how and why people
make visual and spatial cognition errors.

2. Discuss cognitive aspects of language acquisition and use in children and adults.
Integrate information across chapters (e.g., perception, memory, language, cognitive development across the lifespan, and perhaps others) to answer this question holistically. How do socio-cultural factors influence language phenomena?

3. Explain how human biases affect decision making. Choose 2-3 biases to discuss and illustrate your answer with concrete examples. Furthermore, explain how these biases may be overcome in order for people to improve their decision-making capabilities in the future.

4. How might Gardner s (1983, 1993, 1999) theory of multiple intelligences be applied to cognition across the lifespan? What developmental factors seem important in applying this theory across age groups, from children to older adults?

5. How can cognition be studied cross-culturally? What are some important parameters that should be taken into consideration when designing studies and publishing them? (By  publishing them, I mean how the studies are explained in writing what needs to be described, etc.)