Ognitive Psychology: What is it about professional musicians brains–how do their brains work differently than non-musicians?

Research Paper for Cognitive Psychology class: The format of this paper will be a short review and critical analysis of recent work in a specific area of cognitive psychology. Given the relatively short length of the paper, please do your best to focus in on a small sub-area or very specific question in order to limit the scope of review required. Your paper should present an interesting research question that has been studied recently by cognitive psychologists. **Indicate why the question is interesting, and review the major hypotheses put forward as answers to the question. (Try to support one side or the other)** Focus your analysis and discussion on understanding the mental representations and processes thought to underlie A particular cognitive ability”. Make an argument for how you think the mind solves this task. Is there data to support your argument? If not, what experiments would you go? Your paper should contain At least 5 non-web sources”, such as journal articles and books.

[People who played music for a long time-how do their brains work differently than normal people do? (What is it about professional musicians brains?/is there some things make their brain differently?)-any special cognitive skills to be a musician?]