Ognitive Strategy Instruction as it relates to teaching math to adolescents, specifically those with mild learning disabilities and/or ADHD.

This will be of a SCHOLARLY NATURE, using APA format, and taken from the literature base (PROFESSIONAL JOURNALS, textbooks, etc. It does not preclude the use of interviews, or the internet -rather, interviews or the internet may be used to supplement the literature base). A minimum of 5 literature-base peer reviewed references is required. Reference List and in-body citations are required for this paper. If you do use interviews or internet references, you will make notation in Reference List. For internet references, you must include all information needed to upload the site.

Structure for your paper:
Opening Paragraph to set the stage
2-3 paragraph overview of your strategy
Review of 4-8 studies conducted on your strategy. Discuss with whom, how, and resulting outcomes for each study.
Conclusion of overall effectiveness of the strategy a based on your research.
Reference page