Oina Topside: Theory to Practice II (Benchmark Assessment)

Educational Administration II
Benchmark Assessment and Rubric
Targeted Essential Learning

The effective leader will have a comprehensive understanding of the ISLLC standards and the complexity of being a leader. Administrators must work collaboratively with faculty and community, demonstrating integrity and fairness in an ethical manner to facilitate student learning all within the political, social, economic, legal, and cultural context of the environment. (ISLLC 2008: 4, 5, 6).

Reflection Essay
Specific Performance/Task(s)
a?Explore the underlying value of the internship, discuss personal experiences and observations, and relate experiences to theoretical underpinnings. (ISLLC 2008: 4-6)

Relevancy of Task to Principal Candidate
In order to be an effective administrator, principal candidates must be able to identify each ISLLC standard and understand how each drives what the successful leader should know and be able to do for their institution. Leaders will have a clear understanding of how each standard relates to the day to day activities of a principal and the school culture and organization.

Assessment: Student Prompts/Teacher Directions
1)Individual: Goina Topside: Theory to Practice II (Benchmark Assessment)

i) Write a reflection essay of 1,000 words that discusses what you have learned about educational administration during B section of the Internship. Frame the discussion using ISLLC Standards 4, 5, and 6. Apply academic and professional knowledge throughout this reflection essay. Issues for consideration:

(1)Explore the underlying value of the internship and discuss personal experiences and observations.

(2)Relate your experiences to the theoretical underpinnings learned throughout your program of study.

(3)Discuss your most important learnings during the internship and how they will be instrumental in achieving further academic and work related goals.

(4)Include strategies for capitalizing on your personal strengths and overcoming your weaknesses that will be instrumental to you becoming a successful school leader.

(5)Explore personal biases and how they were challenged during the experiences.

(6)Describe best practices in educational leadership that you observed.

(a)Were there situations where best practices were not observed?

(b)What was the outcome?

(c)Identify what actions, if any, you would have taken.

(7)Evaluate the most salient issues within the school environment that administrators must address related to ISLLC 4-6.

ii)Prepare this assignment according to the APA. AN ABSTRACT IS REQUIRED.

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Please see attachment ISLLC Standards 4, 5 and 6