Oing business in a foreign country for the first time

Note: please use journal article and Electornic books, print the url so I can access for them

The essay question is :

Consider the difficulties of doing business in a foreign country for the first time. What steps can a company executive make in order to improve the chances of long term success in negotiations? Provide a business example.

Essays must:

i § include a clear thesis statement
i § have a clear pattern of the logic of your proposed argument
o and using a standard intext referencing system ( author, date page number)
i § attach a list of references to the back of your essay


(Short overview of the whole essay)

(Topic introduced, relevance of topic demonstrated, establishes credibility of author, piques interest of reader)

(Each addresses one, and only one, key part of your argument. a?Defence of topic statementa or a?Reaching conclusiona method both acceptable. Minimum four sections.)

(Affirm defence of argument, summarise points, no new material, confident tone, memorable(!))

Reference List