Oing global, acting local communicating global brands to global markets

Instructions on Assessment:

Final Individual assignment

a?Going global, acting local communicating global brands to global marketsa.

Your Managing Director has been invited to make a presentation to a group of domestic consumer marketers. The conference, a?Going global, acting local communicating global brands to global marketsa aims to encourage home businesses to take their brands overseas.

The audience will be made up of marketing consultants, company marketing personnel and researchers. She has asked you to carry out some research for her and present her with a report on this topic area, from which she will put together her presentation. This should be clear and concise and identify the main points that she should make.

You will need to help her by looking at academic research and use your seminar global brand examples to address the following issues :

a? Using academic sources, discuss what the terms Globalisation, Localisation and Glocalisation mean to the international marketer when developing an international marketing strategy.

a? Using the global brands from your seminar groups, show how marketers use both standardized and adapted approaches to communicating their global brands to their markets.

a? Identify any macro environmental issues/problems one of the seminar brands is likely to face in the future, which could affect aspects of its marketing strategy and, using supporting evidence, suggest how it might address these issues

Referencing your work

The Harvard method of referring to publications and of arranging references uses the authors name and the date of the publication. References are listed at the end of the text in alphabetical order by authors name. The general format of a journal reference is shown below:

Smith, J. (1999) a?How to succeed!a, Journal of Entrepreneurs, 1 (2),pp.34-56

Author/s name and initials are listed first, followed by year of publication in brackets. Then there is the title of article and the journal where article appears, which is in italics. Finally, state the volume and issue Number (in brackets) along with the pages where article can be located.

Tutor or Professor of the special requirements:

Global Brand List ( please choose 3 global brand to complete this assignment ( please pick The body Shopbecause have to complete the Question 2 , and the other 2 brand is up to you )

Suggested Directions (Please look carefully!!! you must follow this format and requirement to finish this assignment )

Article For Question 1-2 (Suggested Directions that is the Key reference for Question 1 and Question 2, I hope that it can help you to finish this assignment )

One More important thing, this assignment must have 14 reference and must have the appendix )