Oing Global-Issues in International Business


Lincoln Electric
Jordan Siegel
Harvard Business Review, Product Number: 707445-PDF-ENG

Your individual written assignment this week will be an analysis of a case study about Lincoln Electric.

Task Description

In the body of your paper you should include the following:

1.An opening paragraph stating the primary issues/problems covered in the case.
2.A critical analysis of the issues in more detail.
3.A suggested approach to solve the issues/problems.
4.A detailed analysis of how your solution will resolve the issues.
5.An analysis of the impact your solution would have on the company and any other stakeholders.
6.Any negative social or ethical impacts of your solution and suggestions on how these could be addressed.

Your case analysis should be four to six pages in length, excluding cover page and any appendices, and should be in APA format (e.g., introduction, headings, double spacing, referencing and list of references). It should be uploaded to the Assignment Drop Box by Sunday midnight your local time, October 13, 2013.

Grading Criteria

Point value: 10. Your Case Analysis will be evaluated using the following criteria:

1.Well-presented responses which demonstrate a logical thought process.
2.Depth of analysis of issue.
3.The soundness upon which you base any assumptions or conclusions.
4.Use of course theories, concepts, materials, and terminology.
5.Proper spelling, grammar, and use of punctuation.
6.Maximum of six pages. However, you can add a few more pages (if required) to meet the assignments requirements.
Tips for the case study assignment:

a?1) Read the case carefully and make notes about your assumptions and opinions regarding the assignments requirements/objectives.
a?2) Support your assumptions and opinions about the case with data from the case and references
a?3) Read the textbook chapter 14 to support some of your assumptions and opinions about the assignments requirements/objectives
Note: Please contact the Regis writing center if you need assistance with writing your paper in APA format.