Oke is good for our health or not?-Personal introduction

Step 2: A Personal Introduction
Rather than using this as an a?argument,a? this semesteras project is to be used to gain
information and progress the ongoing conversation, so prior to doing any formal research, itas
important to acknowledge whether or not an author has a bias of any kind. This paper will
allow you to make your personal opinion and beliefs clear.
Assignment: 34
pages, MLA formatting
This step requires that you use absolutely NO research to explain your subject. Instead, you
should write only about what you know about it already, your personal history regarding the
issue, your opinions, how you know about it, why you chose it, what you know, who told you
what, if youave been influenced in any way, etc., etc.

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Also somebody told me that drinking too much coke would make the people cannot get the baby!!
This part is essay, not the research paper! Please do not use any material from the other ways, just in your own!!