Oke is good for our health or not? research part

1. This paper is focus on the research part of the coke is good for our health or not, I already finished the introduction part and do not need the conclusion, so in the beginning of the essay we just have to use few sentences to introduce likeMore and more people would like to drink coke in their daily life, so their has many problems comes out into their bodies, etc..

2. This paper have to use 7 sources and 4have to be the scholarly, so you have to find out four sources from google scholar. And I have already find out 3 sources, and please use these 3 sources to be the 3 of those 7 sources.

3. Remember that you are constructing a conversation. You do NOT want to simply write
a paragraph summarizing each source (thats more the style of an annotated
bibliography which were not writing). Instead, take time to discuss what the author of each source is saying about your topic, how each authors work connects to, expands on, and/or disagrees with the other authors you include, and why what they are saying is important to your own work overall.

4. You have to make those 7 sources connected together, Comparing/contrasting/changing subjects completely is done successfully by using transitions within your body paragraphs AND ESPECIALLY within paragraphs topic sentences.
(1)While X ________, Y questions the legitimacy of _____ in their work Title. (2)Although the theory of ______ is popular, it doesnt explain for _______ (LastNameOfAuthor). (3)Aside from ____________, Z also considers _____ to be _____.

5. this paper should be use our own word to talk about what is the author talking about, not simply write a paragraph summarizing each source.

Added on 27.03.2015 01:49
Please read the step 3.pdf carefully, this is the requirment of this paper, and I hope you dont copy anythings online.

Dont simply write a paragraph summarizing each source, you have to connected them together and talk about why is important/ how is it relate to you topic??

I hope you can give me the essay before 11:00pm 3/29/2015 for the california time.