Old Laser Therapy claims is to be critically evaluated…

Write an APA style essay that critically evaluates whether a topics claim has a scientific basis and is supported by the kind and quality of arguments and evidence being presented. Is the paper topic, true, not true, or not known, backup with supporting evidence on choice.

I will upload some documents (term paper proposal) to a file hosting site, which will give a guideline how the paper should go. More research will be needed for more details from each stand point, and end with a strong conclusion. The files would need to be downloaded from BIS.rar since I am unable to upload them here.

There is not an exact number of sources to be used, but please cite sources appropriately in APA format. List the sources used. Paper is going to be submitted through turnitin anti-plagiarism, so paper must be fully custom with the exception of quotes with citations.

*NOTE* Please remember this essay is to determine if the claims are true, not true, or not known with supporting evidence. This is not an essay on how Cold Laser Therapy works. My last essay ordered was totally off-topic!