Old Region Fern House Temperature Control

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The Brisbane City Council wishes to establish a cold region fern house and have devised a lighting system which can control the lighting to resemble latitude 60o conditions over the year. The refrigeration requirements designed and installed by another company proved very inadequate. While the cooling capacity is more than adequate only one vent into the fern-house was used. This resulted in large temperature differentials across the volume.

Using a system of aerial ducting, your task is to design an array of temperature sensors which will control the air flow from at least 20 outlets (on/off control only) so that during winter and summer the temperature distribution is uniform to within 5oC over the entire volume of air. A computer control system can already switch the main compressor on and off, however a more intelligent system is required. In addition, the growth of the vegetation is such that every year, the system must be Fine tunedfor performance within specification. Your submission must clearly outline how this will be undertaken. Relative humidity levels in the fern house vary from 0% to up to 80%. All wiring in the house must be concealed from view for aesthetic reasons.


we are group assigment and i have to write about 2 points which are:

1-Environmental Issues
2Social Impact & Ethical Consideration: