Olf 30 minutes practice plan for youth age 10 to 14

Dear writer,

In this assignment (assignment 1), I need you to develop an age appropriate 30 minute practice plan for a youth in the Long Term Player Development stage Train to Play. (11-14 years old for boys and 10-13 for girls). Include a description of the key points of the characteristics of the children and the types of skills they should be developing in this stage.
This topic can be anything to do with skill development for short game shots, putting, chipping, pitch shots or bunker shots.

You can find more information online. I also find some helpful websites you can use it.

I am asking for 3 to 4 sources but you can feel free to add more or take less references depending how you structure the assignment!
For the format you can follow the Golf template example
I will upload all the course materials, pick what is suitable.

There should be an introduction, objective, appropriate equipment thats needed, training and practicing and summary.