Olklore in two cultures (Cultural Anthropology)

Instructions: Gather information about folklore and describe examples of folklore in two cultures. Evaluate the ways in which these folklore examples act as conveyers of values while also being entertaining and instructional. Conclude with an analysis of ways in which modern forms of media and communication (e.g., Internet) are affecting the creation and communication of folklore and other related, artistic expression in your society.
Evaluation Rubric:APA Citations and Avoiding Plagiarism;in-text citations for summaries, paraphrases, and quotes is expected along with a References list. Indentation of paragraphs and organization of paragraphs around a clear topic sentence is also expected. Typically, every good essay follows the same format: Introduction (tell your audience what you will discuss), Body (telling your audience via paragraphs organized around clear topic sentences that follow the organization set forth in the introduction), and a Conclusion (review what youve said in brief and offer closing analysis). Your essay responses, depending on the question, will take a variety of forms (expository, descriptive, argumentative, and so on. Quality: Essay addresses all parts of question, includes examples where applicable, demonstrates original analysis and understanding of course concepts, and uses terms accurately.
Sources: Cites/uses additional resources beyond those provided with the question or in the module resources as support for analysis of question. Note: Use of additional resources. Length: 2-3 pages.
Formatting: 1margins, is double-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman black font.
Organization: Includes a clear introduction and conclusion, well formed paragraphs that have a topic sentence, supporting sentences, and a transition or conclusion sentence.
Mechanics: No errors in spelling, grammar, or punctuation.
Citation: Includes in-text citations and a References list in APA format with minimal or no errors.