Ollaboration of Nurses on the Prevention and Management of Pressure Ulcers

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Purpose and Overview

The purpose of this assignment, which is the third of the three papers (Putting Research into Practice) and which builds on WA #1 and WA #2, is for the student to conclude how the research has answered the question or problem, and what steps need to be taken to utilize the research.


a ? In a paper which is no more than four pages in length and is in APA format:
a 9 Describe how the findings of the studies reviewed could be implemented in your practice area.
a 9 In your paper include the following
a   a final summary of research findingsa
a   three elements of practice that should be changed, based on the findings;
a   steps to implement research findings in practice; and
a   potential barriers to the implementation of research findings and possible strategies to overcome them.
a 9 in addition to the four pages, include an abstract and a reference page.