Ollaboration relationship essay about Disney & Pixar”

I would like you to write an essay about collaborative relationship between two companies a a?Disneya? & a?Pixara?. Following is the detailed instruction the essay is to answer the following 4 questions. The essay is required an introduction but NO NEED for conclusion. The paper should be 6 pages and doubled spaced. Iam going to attach two in-class power points about business collaboration concepts so, please refer it to include as many business collaboration concepts as possible to write the essay. I will also attach one page write-up about the description about Disney and Pixar for your reference.

i?¬ Analysis of a Collaborative Relationship

The objective of this assignment is to help you develop a better understanding of the challenges organizations face in managing relationships strategically.

1. Select two organizations that have a collaborative relationship (a?Walt Disneya? & a?Pixar). Each person studying the collaboration from the perspective of one of the organizations
2. Draw a map of all stakeholder categories (must be included as an exhibit at the back of the essay)
3. Define and evaluate the value proposition underlying the relationship between the two organizations and relate it to each organizationas strategy
4. Describe each organizations approach to the management of the collaboration