Ollaborative Public Administration Summary

Instructions. Final Paper: Collaborative Public Administration Summary
Based on all the reading materials attached (one-page summaries, class Powerpoints, readings, guest lectures PP and added notes that Professor stated important to include in paper and 2 texts), each student will write a five page paper summarizing the conclusions they arrive at with regard to the study of managing public administration networks and collaboratives. The Paper should (please label each part and answer thoroughly summarizing all the readings, or read all the information and answer)
Please include an introduction(the importance of collaboration) collaboration around for a long time;what lead to the immergence of collaboration? (ex.globalization, wicked problem, Govt failures, lack of resources, focus performance management, diverse population, improve govt outcome, link budget to outcomea?how to measurea?. Regional problems etc.
a) identify the skills of managing in public administration hierarchies
b) identify the skills of managing in public administration networks;
c) compare and contrast the different skills identified in hierarchies and networks; and
d) summarize what implications these different skills represent for public management
**Use readings attached to answer all, and two texts
And in conclusion; final comments

5 pages, double space, time new romans
Please let me know if have a problem getting texts? YOu will need texts?

So far papers I have received and turned in have not been concise, a lot of wordiness, not enough info., too much direct quoting, not enough in own words.(these are Professors comments, receiving Bas). I need a A in order to have a chance for an A in class.
Please read information and make sure cover each of a-d, labeling each section (heading)and intro, conclusion.
NOTES: So far Professor has mention that paper should include(please include in paper) :
How collaborations solve jurisdicational problems,
Research Model method chart, by meek, shiltz and someone else, it has three circles(professor has not sent this, I will send to you Asap, when he emails it to us.)

Collaboration does not just happen;make it happen quote by Agranoff and Mcquire, 2003, p.3(somewhere in readings)
Professor talks a lot of Federickson, Sullivan,

A network begins non-hierarchy overtime as network becomes formal and thrives becomes hierarchy(bureaucracy) only way to be efficient. Bureaucracy is not efficient just effective and deliverative(professor noel quote)
In order to have effective collaboration
1) trust, leadership, commitment, common problem, incentives
Communication is vital
Leadership, have to have the right leader who has the authority to make decision
Govenance by form of collaboration by Sullivan and motivations for collaboration Sullivan
Rules of governance.
Governance and accountability.