Ollaborative Scholarly Journal ( sport )

Collaborative Scholarly Journal
Due Date: Monday, May 7th

The Collaborative Scholarly Journal is the culmination of the work you have done throughout this course. This assignment will require you to work with 2-5 other students in the class with whom you share a common interest. Although you will be each be writing an individual academic research article, they must all be related in some way, and your end result will be a collaborative scholarly journal that combines all of your groupas peer reviewed articles with other supplemental material.

You article will take a stand on your chosen topic and persuade the reader to agree with your side. (While this article will present both sides of the topic to some extent, you should use your skills concerning counterarguments to strengthen your own side.) Let me say again that this paper should be your opinion, your argument, about an issue concerning your topic; the sources are going to support or refute your argument, NOT make your argument.

The collaborative scholarly journal must meet all of the following requirements:
a? It must have a cover page with an original title, design, volume and issue number.
a? It must have a table of contents page with all of the contents listed (article titles and contributor names, literature review, biographies, etc.) and a description of the journal (field/content covered, publisher, and publishing schedule a monthly, quarterly, etc.)
a? In addition to the above, it must contain an original argumentative essay from each of the group members, with proper citation and a Works Cited page; a group literature review that includes five citations from each member (this is separate from the individual literature review, but each contributor should choose his or her five most influential sources from the individual lit. review to include here); and a brief biography of each contributor (about 200 words) emphasizing academic interests/credentials.
a? It must be peer reviewed, which means that in addition to being responsible for your own article, you are all responsible for each otheras articles to some extent as well.

Your individual article must meet all of the following requirements:
a? It should be on a topic of your choosing, but should fit within the thematic structure of the journal (in other words, all of the articles should be on appropriate subject matter for the journal your group has chosen).
a? It should be structured as either an Aristotelian or a Rogerian argument (your textbook discusses the differences between the two in Chapter 12, but I will also go over this in class.)
a? It must include an argumentative proposition (or thesis statement), which explains clearly the purpose of the article. It should be obvious from the thesis statement which a?sidea? of the issue you will take.
a? While the majority of the article will be catered to your a?side,a? you must also carefully consider the inclusion of the a?other sidea? (refutation).
a? Your article must have a strong introduction and conclusion. Donat forget how important personal experience can be.
a? Your article must have solid main points. All main points must relate to the thesis statement and must be backed up by outside sources.
a? You should draw your own conclusions and incorporate your opinion into this article. However, all opinions should be backed up with evidence.
a? Your article must be entirely in proper MLA format, including in-text citations for all facts, proper quotations and paraphrasing, proper paper setup, and an accurate Works Cited page.
a? You must include a minimum of 10 sources in this article. You are permitted to include up to 15 sources. Each source should clearly relate to your focused research and thesis. You should use the sources you collected for your Literature Review, although you may also use new sources if you choose. Personal interviews and surveys count as sources.
a? Grammar, mechanics and punctuation must be correct and clear.
a? Your article must be 8-10 pages, and again, must use at least 10 sources. If you choose to use graphics (visual aids), good, but they do not count as part of the 8-10 pages.
a? We will peer review this article once in class (although you should plan to peer review more often than that as a group) and conference online once.

All articles must be typed in 12-point Times New Roman and be double-spaced with 1a? margins. You will also incorporate at least 10 total sources into the body of your text in such a way that your argument is fairly represented and successfully built. The final draft will exhibit evidence of careful proofreading. You must include a Works Cited page (with at least 10 different sources that are integrated into the text and use correct in-text citation) in appropriate MLA format.

Your thesis must maintain its presence throughout the article and the main points must be organized clearly for the reader. Remember, a meaningful research paper is not a regurgitation of what others have said. That is only a part of your work. The heart of your paper is your own interpretation, analysis or integration of sources. After carefully reviewing the related research, what new information or new perspective do you have to offer?

I will formally evaluate this project only once at the end of the semester. You will receive an individual grade for your essay and a group grade for the quality of the collaborative journal. This project alone is worth over 30% of your overall grade (including the individual literature review), so please submit your best work.

note:you did the 10 sources befor it was about sport and i will uplaod it if you wont ) , I wont from you to write the journal about the sport. If any things i wont to add i will tell you.