Ollapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed

1.Open the attachment.
2.You will find a historical reading in the attachment & 2 study questions at the top of the reading.
3.Read the reading (article) and choose one of the study questions to write a 4 paragraph essay about it ( I prefer the 1st question).
4.The essay should be an answer to the question ( Question chosen ( Q.1)) but in form of analysis to the article.
5.Moderate. Use 4-5 evidences as direct quotations from the reading and paraphrase others to support your analysis as well. DONT forget that the evidence should be from the article itself. And avoid including quotations in the introduction.
6.Try to make your thesis as clear as possible in the introduction. And summarize the main points in the conclusion.
7.Please follow the rubric thatll be attached.