Ollapse of Sub prime loans market & the effect on the British & Global economy.

Aim: To explain how the US Sub prime market collapsed, to report on the impact it has had on the on the British economy. Investigate the effects on the global economy, using diagrams to accompany.

Outline: To look into and report on the factors that caused the subprime market to collapse. The main focus of the study will be the effect it has had on the British economy, looking at macro economic measures, government behaviour, banking behaviour & the financial consequences to the british public. Finally a general look at the global economy by briefly presenting an outline of the financial consequences on some of the affected economies (Australia, China & france)

Basic structure (open to modification)

Literary review

Introducion (Brief history of US housing market leading on to formation of Subprime market)

Chapter 1 (Presenting & explaining the factors that coused the collapse)

Chapter 2 (explaing the links that caused the collapse of the Subprime market to impact on the British economy including, interbank lending & investment porfolios etc)

Chapter 3 (presenting and explaining the effects experienced in the UK including, Banking sector, Housing market, Credit crunch, taxes and changes in inflation and interest rates)

Chapter 4 ( looking at the world economy by presting a brief look at the three economies outlined above presenting changes in inflation and iterest rates over previous year or so)


(I realise this outline may be a little general so I encourage the writer to use their professional opinion and allow them autonomy to write the paper. Please E mail should there be any questions, many thanks)
No specific sources are required although due to the topical nature of the study online journals are necessary. All referencing must use the Harvad referencing system.