Ollective Memory: How People Choose to Remember the Past

Remembrance of times, places, people, and events is shaped by shared understanding of the past at a particular time and in a particular place. This course explored our recollections of the past as determined by social life. The course begins with an overview of collective memory and then explores the impact of the present upon the past through the study of particular times such as Pearl Harbor or 9/11.We turn next to particular places such as post-war Berlin and the construction of modern Israel. A third section of the course focuses on collective remembrance of the past in monuments and commemorations. A final section of the course considers the continuing construction of political figures, focusing on collective remembrance of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. The course requirement is a paper that concerns problems posed by collective remembrance and perhaps devoted to more detailed exploration of one of the issues that we discuss across the quarter.
Write a 8 page essay on the person, place, event of your own choice. Discuss in detail how people choose to remember said person, place, event. What do people choose to remember and what do people choose to change or ignore? And most importantly, why?
Minimum of five references.