Ollege admission essay for animation major

I cant write for my life but I need to submit some sort of essay to this art school Im going to attend and I need someone to phrase how wonderful animation is and how great it is to attend this school in about 250 words

Animation is the best art form there could possibly be because it incorporates all art into one fluid motion production that can engulf people into an experience like no other.

To gain knowledge from all aspects of life and beauty, it would require being in an environment filled with diverse people ready to share their perspectives and experiences through their own art.

I took fine arts electives in ighschool including intro to art computer graphics and animation, it I enjoy all types of art such as performing or visuals. My goal is to become an animator and be part of such an amazing process, and being surrounded by other creative individuals would be a dream come true

The college is the miami international university of art and design

The community is really wonderful supportive, and kind and I feel that i can learn a lot not only by my instructors brut my fellow students as well

Thats just some really garbled information about myself and my opinion :/ any questions please feel free to contact me through e-mail or messaging me on my phone