Ollege Book Report on Miracle At Philadelphia

Book Report

The book report will consist of an overall review of the text, an author biography and a critical examination of professional reviews of the book.
The review of the book will be three pages (double spaced, size 12 font). It should be an overall summary of the subject covered in the text as well as a critical analysis of how the author presented his argument. Include in the summary your opinion of the merits of the book. What did you know about the subject before reviewing the book and did you appreciate the manner the author presented the material.
The author biography should be a validation of their credentials. What is their background, why should we trust their analysis of the subject? Include as much as you can find; birthplace, schools, degrees, ect&
Finally, I would like you to research professional reviews on you book. Find out what other historians thought of the book and comment on weather you agree with the review or not.

Review/Summary  3 pages 0 synopisis of the subject and opinion on how it was

Author Biography  1 page  background, credentials

Professional Reviews  1 page  2 professional reviews of the book