Ollege Experiences Thesis and 2 paragraphs

English 1301 Fall 2014
Instructions for Paper #1
Topic: Your subject matter for these paragraphs needs to be something related to your experiences at college. Do not write a?how toa? paragraphs. Do not write a narrative (a narrative simply tells a story, such as a?this happened, and then this happened, and then thisa?).

I know this topic sounds very easy, and simple, and maybe even a?young,a? but itas not.

Imagine your reader as someone your age you are talking to while having a pizza. Imagining yourself discussing this topic with a friend will help you write something interesting and appropriate for college-aged audience/reader.

Assignment: You do not have to write a whole essay. You will only envision the whole essay, and then write and turn in the essayas thesis and two of the body paragraphs from the imagined, longer paper.
So, type the word a?Thesis:a? and then write your thesis.
Then, skip down a line and write your two body paragraphs. (Please note that body paragraphs are not introductory or concluding paragraphs.)
These paragraphs will demonstrate your ability to back up a claim with specific, concrete support.
This assignment is to be typed in MLA format (see your textbook and/or the folder in Blackboard titled a?Resourcesa? for guidelines).
(Note: An essayas thesis usually appears as the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. However, do not write an introductory paragraph. Only write your imagined essayas thesis.)