Ollege is a Waste of Time, and Money(an argumentative essay)

Academic writing checklist for Assignment 3
Content and organization
1. Make sure you have several (at least 3 or more) reasons given for your argument, counter-argument and refutation.
2. a minimum of 5 academic supporting sources used (you can use additional sources that are not academic if relevant)
3. Introduction includes:
(a) Thesis statement giving your position
(b) a sentence that says what we can expect in the essay (as your arguments)
(c) moves from general to specific ideas
4. Conclusion includes general sentence on topic, what he/she discussed in the essay, concluding remarks, recommendations if relevant
5. All counter-arguments have related refutations
6. Paragraph is NOT only one/two sentences
7. Each paragraph includes a sentence with the main idea
8. Appropriate use of transitions to signal if the content in this paragraph is an argument, counter-argument or refutation
9. Includes page numbers
10. Font size and type 12 point, Times New Roman
11. Line space double spaced
12. Page margins one inch all around
13. Does not have typos and spelling errors
14. Includes cover page
15. Includes reference list in separate page
16. Reference page is indented (hanging), NOT numbered or bulleted
Citations and quotations
17. First mention of authors include full name
18. Use the authoras last name and not the first name in the rest of the essay (can use full name in the conclusion)
19. Direct quotations more than 40 words are separated from the paragraph
20. Has not used too many direct quotations in the essay
21. All paraphrased ideas HAVE BEEN CITED
22. In-text citations direct quote name, year, page number
23. In-text citations paraphrased idea name, year
24. Appropriate format used for type of source in References (i.e. article in journal, book chapter, book, website, etc)
Academic writing Style
25. No rhetorical questions
26. No slang (e.g., fired up, pissed off)
27. No contractions (e.g., donat, wonat) or shortened forms (e.g., math, legit)
28. No idiomatic expressions (check the Resources section for a site with examples)
29. No colloquial expressions (e.g., was fired, put down, can see)
30. No unnecessary words/expressions
31. No words that are universals always, never, at all
32. No words/phrases such as obviously, clearly, we can see
33. No phrases such as a?I thinka, a?I feela

i § Word document of 5-8 pages, excluding the cover page and list of References
i § Follow the format given in the syllabus and the academic checklist
i § Include at least five scholarly sources (not sources like Wikipedia)

Make sure the essay includes
i?? A clear Thesis Statement in the introduction that states what you are researching.
i?? A smooth, coherent flow of text suitable for academic purposes
i?? Citations for all sources used in your essay
i?? A word document

Please, make sure it is a argumentative essay, the essay that i ordered last week is not a argumentative essay.