Ollege Issues Please read the instruction”

Your task for the final paper is to write an argumentative and secondary research-based essay that engages an important issue in current college education. You may address any aspect of college life, from finances or curriculum to social activities or professors, or anything at all. Simply consider an area that concerns or interests you and begin by asking questions about its causes, effects, or possible alternatives that could lead to improvements in university learning.

You should also propose potential logical and evidence-based solutions to your issue. Clearly, there is no precise answer to such questions. Rather, I want you to think both creatively and analytically to not only explore educational options, but also to prove their potentiality in the real world. Your reasoning and evidence for your thesis will be vital to effectively explain your perspective and defend your position. Your goal in examining, arguing, and proposing should be to ensure the maximum enjoyment, success, or value for your students, teachers, and community.

This project will be 2000 words and due on the final date of class on the syllabus.