Ollege level education improves the quality of our lives by providing higher wages, better jobs, successful careers and advanced world view.

1. A strong introduction, consisting of one or two paragraphs, which explores the topic generally, describes its importance, provides any background information needed for your reader to understand, and introduces texts and/or authors who are especially significant to your discussion

2. A thesis statement (1-2 sentences): An arguable, debatable assertion that youall support with your evidence.

3. A minimum of 8 sources, including at least 2 scholarly journal, all of which you cite and discuss in order to support the thesis argument. Please use at least 1 examples of a real personas story to support the thesis statement.

4. A logical progression and unity to the information that you introduce in the essay

5. Strong paragraphs with topic sentence assertions that are supported by source evidence and insightful discussion of that evidence

6. At least one counterargument to your primary claim AND a well-reasoned, convincing rebuttal to that counterargument

7. A conclusion that reaffirms your argument and its relevance.

8. Academic writing style, polished and proofread. 12 size font and double space.

9. Correct MLA in-text citations and Works Cited (Separate page) documenting all of your outside sources.

10. This research paper should be at least 10 full pages, and please avoid plagiarism.

11. Please upload a draft by Thursday, December 2nd. The draft should be at least 6 pages.

Thank you very much!