Ollege Level Research Paper about Genders Equality

Hi! I need to write a college level research paper.

Actually there are quite a few different topics:
1) Drug Trade (e.g. How to Prevent drug trade)
2) Why is American Eduction
3) Human Trafficking
4) Homelessness
5) Immigration
6) Media, Advertising and Fashion
7) Genders Equality
8) Conserving Natural (Air, Water, Energy etc)
9) God and Science (This topic probably too broad and need to narrow down.)

Please choose one that you think its easier or more interesting for you to write. If you have no idea, then just pick Genders Equality.

Also please let me know what topic you have chosen to write.

At Least 1750 words
MLA Format
Need to Evaluate appropriate sources include a variety of research including electronic sources
Works Cited page listing at least 8 works
Please make sure it is as good as possible

After you finished, I might ask for some changes. Sorry for the inconvenience.