Ollege Student Employment and Drinking: A Daily Study of Work Stressors, Alcohol Expectancies, and Alcohol Consumption

complete a summary and analysis of the journal article.
The authers hypothesis and resarceh question.
the variables with operational definitions.
teh sampel in the resarceh.
The methods employed,for example survey,experiment,or case history.provide a deatiled explanation of how they conducted the study.
The results of the study including whether the hypothesis was proven.again ,provide a detailed explanation here.
in the next section of your paper critique the resarch.specify what was done well and what could have been improved.You can also include why this article interested you and how it related to you.some athor questions to answer;was the study done valuable ? was the study practical/helpful?To whom/was the study done ethicallyShould more resarceh be done in this area? who does the results of this study apply to?.what would you recommend the next step to be in this line of resarch?this section should be at least 1 to 2 pages.
double spaced,with 12 point front and 1 inch margins. our own words.