Ollege students who live in off campus housing are more likely to binge drink than sutdents who live in a co-ed college dorm on campus

I have already written my research proposal. I am going to send it to you in the instructions. I only need 500 more words. Basically I need for you to complete my research and do some kind of chart or graph to show the results of the hypotheis. Follow the directions given under the methodology to write about the research. You will need to analysize the resluts no resources are needed just come ujp with the results yourself. The graph or chart does not count as words!! Following is my proposal:

Binge drinking is typically defined as the consumption of five drinks in a two hour period for males, and four drinks in a two hour period for females. For many college students this is a typicla Thursday night. According to the Centers for Disease control and Prevention, over 90 percent of the alcohol comsumption by people under 21 in the US is in the form of binge drinking. the U.S. Surgeon General has identified binge drinking among college stduents as a major public health problem.
If you live in a co-ed apartment complex near a major university, you may notice a lot of people partying around you. there seems to be more freedom to binge drink here because of lack of adult supervison, and because student have more of a feeling of actually Living on their own. It is also easier to have a larger group of people in a confined area and this situation also seems to cause more of a Partying atmospherethat encourages drinking. there is evidence that more extreme forms of drinking by college students are escalating.
Hypothesis Students who live in a co-ed off-campus housing complex are more likely to binge drink than students who live in a co-ed dormitory on campus.
The methodology for collecting the data will be a questionaire given to 100 male and female college students who live in co-ed dorm on the UNC-C college campus. the questionaire will include the following questions How often do you binge drink? Choices will be (a) once a week, (b) once every two weeks (c) once a month, (d) never. I will give the same qauestionnaire to 100 male and female college students who live at the University Edge Apartments, a complex located about five minutes from campus, and where I currently reside.

Basically all you have to do is complete it and do a little analysis.