Ollow exact what the instructions need please

Instructions: Ethics Application Find an article or describe a personal experience in which you identify the moral and ethical perspectives and responsibilities of individuals or groups of people. In your essay:

a?&I?I?I?I;Briefly summarize the article. (1 paragraph)

a?&I?I?I?I;Identify 2-3 specific terms, concepts, and theories from class that relate to the content of the article. Use these terms, concepts, or theories to analyze the way culture shapes views of morality (ethics) and feelings of responsibility toward family, community, nation, and world. (3 paragraphs) Be sure to use and properly cite related terms and concepts from the book!

a?&I?I?I?I;Conclude by describing an example in which your own culture has shaped your sense of moral and ethical perspectives and responsibilities to others. (1 paragraph)