Ollow the Story of Moses in Exodus from a literay stand point and write your own origional work of criticism for it.

This Essay will come from the book of Exodus in the New Revised Standard version of the Harper Collins Study Bible. It will be four full pages of text. It will contain a SEPARATE works cited page which contains at least 2 authoritative, peer-reviewed secondary sources (excluding textbooks, encyclopedias, and dictionaries) besides the primary source(s). You may consult and cite the sources listed in parenthesis, but they are ADDITIONAL to the ones required. Do NOT forget to include the primary source in your works cited list, that is the bible mentioned (Harper Collins) and what you are discussing from it. Follow RIGOROUS MLA format for citations and doccumentation.

This should be an origional work of criticism using origional ideas the analyze this part of Exodus. Quote sparingly and Judiciously from the secondary material. Every quote introduces an additional voice. ALL quotes, summaries, and paraphrases require a textual citation, not just quotes!

Make sure that your secondary sources help promote the primary source AND your own idea (thesis) Be as specific as possible. Be sure not to retell the story or recapitulate the plot. Make sure you argue rationally and logically. Stay away from references to the New Testament. This is an English classspelling, grammar, punctuation, structure, organiazation and content matter.

You will have a specific and descriptive title, an introductory title; an introductory paragraph with a clear and sussinct thesis; several paragraphs of developement, argument, exposition, and examples. Then a conclusion that neatly and effectivly ends the paper .

Refer to the Primary source (The Harper Collins Study Bible-

Thanks so much for all your hard work! : )