Ollow up paper on the first glutathione research paper

feeedback from the first paperFor the research question please be specific about the health consequence, just look in the literature. Skin cancer, melanoma, vetiligo whatever.. it doesnt have to be only skin, just studied and supported health consequences of glutathione overdose or use. 2 is enough. please find well studied resources.

The purpose of this assignment is to prepare you for designing your quantitative research study for your proposal.

Based on what you have learned from your review of the literature for your health topic, please address the following questions:

1) State your research question/hypotheses (1-3 questions/hypotheses).

2) Describe your theoretical/conceptual framework. Be sure to identify the variables that you will be including in your study including the role that they play, that is, IV, DV, and other variables that you will be measuring, especially possible confounders. Present your conceptual framework in a diagram (can be handwritten). Be sure to include all the variables that you will be measuring.

3) Describe the study design that you plan on using. I should be able to understand how you will be answering your research question(s) based on your description of your design. Be sure to specifically state which design you will be using and describe why you selected this design.

4) Using the 3 categories of threats to validity (statistical conclusion, internal and external), describe at least 3 threats to validity (must have at least one from each category) that your design might be subject to and explain how you might be able to address them. Be sure to be specific to your research design for your health problem.

My conceputal frame work is this

use of gluta–>injections/pills/lotions ( process or administrations)–>whiter skin->health consequences.

those are all in a stright line in squares then on top of the two middle sqaures are little oval circles for confounders, my confounders are ( please support with reference and research) smoking, drinking, sunligh exposure ( and whatever u find out interferes with the gluta treatment, you can find it in what not to do when u are doing this)

Please do this first before the ethics. since this deadline is fixed.

Let me know if you need more info about anything good luck!