Ollowing are issues within the global political and social systems within which international corporations reside. Issues to be addressed: HIV/AIDS

Issues to be addressed: HIV/AIDS

The paper must include the following:

1. Issue
Current State: Describe the current state of the sustainable development issue in your country of choice.
Global Engagement: Identify and briefly describe the major treaties, conventions, etc. that deal with this issue.
Economic Impacts: Discuss the current and potential future economic impacts of this issue.

2. Institutional Organizations
The Players: Identify the local, national and global institutional organizations actively involved in dealing with this issue. Include multilateral agencies, NGOs, governments, and other relevant organizations.
Their Roles: Describe the roles of each organization in causing and/or attempting to solve this issue.

3. Industry/Industries
The Players: Identify the industry or industries actively involved in this issue. Include industry and professional associations, councils, and commissions that may be involved.
Their Roles: Describe its/their roles in causing and/or attempting to solve this issue.

4. Corporations
The Players: Identify key global, national and/or local companies involved in this issue.
Their Roles: Describe their roles in causing and/or attempting to solve this issue.

5. Your Opinion: How effectively is this issue is being addressed?
Assessment: How are these different Players working together to solve this issue?
Recommendations: How would you suggest that