Olocaust and the European Societies.Social process and Social Dynamics

I will like to discuss the social and societal processes surrounding the Holocaust.It was most importantly carried along by political ideological leading decisions of the Nazi state leadership and cumulatively radicalising murder practice,executed regionally and locally by the SS and the police.From this perspective,the analytical category of the Bystanderhas become questionable.in as much as it insinuate that the societies in Germany and Europe were uninvolved and stood by as spectators during the Holocaust.Yet it seems just as problematic to virtually assign all Bystandersto the side of the perpetrators.The term Collaboration”,afflicted with the stigma of treason,also exhibits many problems and is thus hardly suitable to the description of social behavior during the Holocaust.European antisemitism undoubtedly played an important,but certainly not the decisive role.The behavior of institutions,persons,helpers,co-perpectrators,facilitators and spectators beneficiaries and profiteers should be taken into consideration.Also the motives and actions of those who save Jews and opposed the dynamic of exclusion,murder and violence.The strategies by which the Jewish victims tried to cope with the radical devaluation of their social status are also to be covered.Detailed studies of everyday life about Central and Eastern European are especially welcome.