Olographic Storage The Future in Massive Storage

I liked what you did on my Amazon research paper so here is another research paper. Please do the same quality of work so I dont end up having a lot of rewrites.


Introduction (including the thesis intended to support)
Description of the technology
Its potential applications
Which technologies will compete with this particular one and why
How this competition affects businesses
The possible improvements in the scope of IT if the use of such technology succeeds
Conclusions supporting your thesis (your perspective in the future of such technology be it good or bad)


It is the opinion of this author that the necessity for higher density removable media for computer backup, imaging/record storage, high performance computing, multimedia computing, video servers, portable computers and consumer video is accelerating new technical developments and bringing them to the market. This paper will show that Holographic Storage is the most promising of the new technologies to address these requirements.


Describe the problem or situation that requires close analysis and evaluation.

Get your readers attention, orient the reader to what you will cover, provides a thesis or your main idea, and preview the remaining sections of the paper.

-Authorial Stand
Take a stand or state a position.

Summarize and wrap up. What conclusion can you make? So what? What next? Be specific.

To prove or reinforce your ideas, you will need to cite sources using the American Psychological Association style.

-List of references is 20 or more if you need it.
a. Be sure to capture all required reference citing information.
b. Make sure you can find a source again. Make notes-or form of Breadcrumbsto expedite going back to a database
c. Include a Reference Section as well as Bibliography Section