Oloniaism, Development, Culture and Resistance

Please choose one question from the list below and answer in essay format
1. a?Todayas chasm of global inequality between the richest and poorest regions are rooted in the origins of capitalist developmenta?. Discuss this statement in light of contemporary debates.
2. Why and how did capitalism and the preconditions for industrialisation emerge?
1. Do late comers have to replicate the patterns and stages of development followed the early starters?
2. What problems confronted Europeans in their attempts to utilise what Latin America had to offer, and how did they attempt to overcome them?

3.To what extent was the conquest of Latin America was linked to the early development of European capitalism and the emergence of the world market?

4. How were pre-colonial social formations in Latin America disrupted and incorporated into the emerging colonial system?

5. To what extent was the conquest of Latin America was linked to the early development of European capitalism and the emergence of the world market?

6. What economic advantages did Europeans gain from their conquests in the a?New Worlda?

7. How did plantation slavery and the slave trade contribute to capitalist development in the Atlantic economy?


8. To what extent did European states leave the work of overseas penetration and territorial management to private companies?

9. a?Indigenous capitalism would have cut a path for itself and flourished in Asia but for European penetration of the region.a? Discuss.

12. a?The Asian a?world economya was strangled by the subordination of the region to the expanding requirements of the European a?world economyaa?. Discuss.

10. To what extent was the growth of the indigenous economies of South Asia a?retardeda by their specialisation in primary product exporting for international markets?

14. a?Traditional social structures and cultural patterns, not the colonial legacy, were the main barriers to Indiaas development following independencea?. Discuss.
15. a?Marx appraised Asian society as stationary and applauded colonialism as a modernising agent which interrupted this stasis.a? Discuss.


11. a?An era of stagnation gripped sub-Saharan Africa between the initial contact with Europeanas and the late nineteenth century a?scramblea and partition.a? Discuss.

12. Assess the costs and benefits of modern colonialism for the European colonial powers up to the 1930s.

18. To what extent was development of the African colonies retarded by their specialisation in primary products for export?
13. How accurate was Walter Rodneyas analysis that a?Africaas relative technological backwardness and impoverishment were historically rooted in the export trade in slaves and European colonialisma? [1972].
20. a?Decolonization veiled the reinvention of colonialism with the false consciousness of a?nationhood.a? Examine the validity of this claim by comparing any two African post colonies.
14. Evaluate Bill Warrenas statement that colonialism in Africa was a?as a powerful engine of progressive social change advancing capitalist dev

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