Olonialism and Cultural Hybridity in Literature

Colonialism and hybridity, the effects on the main characters of at least 2 of the following novels:
Ondaatjes English Patientex. Kip, an indian sapper in the british army who rejects the west and returns to his homeland.
Jamaica Kincaids Lucyex. Lucy (Hybrid) and Mariah (American). Lucy resists american perspectives but wants american advantages.
Tsitsi Demgaremgas Nervous Conditionsex. Tambu seeks a privileged colonial education vs. her cousin who has it but rejects the colonialists.
Tayeb Salihs Season of Migration to the Northex. Mustafa Saeed vs the narrator, both are european educated hybrids who return home.

Research cultural hybridity and apply it to the characters. What do they have in common, how are they different? Hybriditys definition is debated; this parallels the characters turmoil and resistance. They are also undefinable because they are others in both societies. Does this empower them? are they free? or are they still bound? etc.

5 sources other than the novels. Some possible references:

1.Cosmopolitanismby Breckenridge, Pollock, Bhaba and Chakrabarty.
2. Globalization and Cultureby John Tomlinson
3. Globalization and its Postcolonial (Dis)Contentsby Revathi Krishnaswamy