Olonialism and culture in Latin America

1. a?Rather than contributing to the knowledge of Indians, gauchos and other a?social barbariansa?, the representations of these in Facundo consolidate the identity of the emerging Argentinean bourgeoisie, legitimizing their self-assigned a?civilizinga? and modernizing missiona. Discuss.

This is the set text:

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Olonialism and culture in Latin America

The essay question is:

Rather than contributing to the knowledge of indians, aguchos and other social barbarians, the represetations of these in FACUNDO consolidate the identity of the emerging Argentinean bourgeorisie, legitimizing their self-asigned civillizing and modernizing mission. Discuss.

You need to read Facundo not sure if there is a english translated version. I have the spanish one. Please could you address the question and not simple copy extensive text. Also I dont want such a large introduction. The question is straight forward, the main text needed is Facundo and other sources that relate to the essay could be Columbus Journal, but there are dozens of books that have info on colonialism and culture in LATIN AMERICA if you like I can send you my reading list if it helps let me know. Thank you