Olonization of Chile and Mapuche peoples and colonization of Peru and Incas.

This paper needs to be about the colonization of the indigenous peoples of Chile, the Mapuches and the colonization of the indigenous peoples of Peru,the Incas. In the paper I would like specifics about who conolized Chile and how they did it and also how they treated the Mapuche Peoples. Also how the mapuches reacted to the colonization. I would like the same done for Peru and the Inca peoples. It would also be intersting to note which country got colonized first because they are bordering countries. maybe add one paragraph that compares and contrasts the two colonizations. There needs to be specifc dates,names and information about each of the colonizations. There also has to be and lengthy and good introduction and conclusion.
Could the paper also be wriiten in Times New Roman font,size 12. thanks