Olorectal cancer screening and management in AL Nor Hospital Airport Road, Abu dhabi UAE

Kindly according to the background information about AL Nor Hospital Airport Road, Abu dhabi UAE analyze the financial reporting, and propose solutions for existing problems which is colorectal cancer screening and management including estimating the required staff and workload, determining training needs, health Statistics and reporting, facility accreditation, and appointment system of outpatient clinics.

Question 1: (20 points)
In your training you have noticed many challenges and proposed recommendations for improvement in relation to colorectal screening and management .
Bring together all your recommendations for improvement, and make detailed comments on what impact you think your recommendations would make towards improving the colorectal screening and management program
You should cite evidence (or references) to support your comments. Summarize your answer in a table format.
Question 2: (20 points)
Reflect on your own experience in field practicum by choosing a particular public health problem which is colorectal screening and management. Structure your answer to contain the following
a) Scope of the public health problem colorectal screening and management AL Nor Hospital Airport Road, Abu dhabi UAE, UAE and GCC countries
b) Based on your training, develop improvement strategies for the AL Nor Hospital Airport Road, Abu dhabi UAE
c) Prepare operational plan for implementation of the synthesized strategies
d) Alight your plan to one best practice to deal with this problem globally inrelation to AL Nor Hospital Airport Road, Abu dhabi UAE.