Olumbia/HCA and the Medicare Fraud Scandal

I will be attaching the required materials shortly. The materials are scanned from the book of the class, hence it will be in picture format. There are three questions at the end of the case that must be answered. On top of that, the required questions to be answered are:

1. How is the case related to the course: Ethics & Law Business & Society.

2. How does the case relate to social responsibility and proactive management.

3. What should be done to manage the firm effectively?

4. How to make Stakeholders feel good about the company

5. What is the case saying to us and the lessons learnt from it.

6. In what ways does the case affect us and our lives?

We can use wikipedia to start the research about the company. Then see from news how the case is handled.

Just to clarify, this is an essay, not a question by question analysis. The essay should answer all the questions stated. Thank you.