Olumbine High School Shooting in Columbine, Colorodo on April 20, 1999

Need to provide a thorough description of the incident (Columbine Shooting) including background information on involved actors Klebold and Harris. Their motivation for the shooting and what exactly transpired. Include the number of casualties/injuries and the definition of Active Shooter”. Needs to include how these students methodically planned this attack, their use of bombs as diversions, their ultimate demise is committing suicide within the school. How they wanted to compare their attack to that of Oklahoma City Bombing. The way this attack changed the way Law Enforcement would conduct active shooter drills and training to the present day.
Topics Should Include:
The Planning, Personal Lives of Accused boys, The actual shootings within school, weapons and bombs used, their demise, active shooter, and even how the school had a armed security guard that was on premise.

Needs to at least 5 references.