Olumbus reports on his first voyage, 1493

3. Research SCHOLARLY secondary sources that also talk about this important event/moment in your subjectas life. Review at least 5 secondary sources in order to complete the Bibliography assignment. THREE of those sources must be of a scholarly nature. (Our textbook book will count as scholarly).
Directions for Annotated Bibliography assignment:
a. See all of the directions for writing this essay.
b. As you research secondary sources for your paper, look through the possible articles and books you might use. Use scholarly sourcesavoid blogs, amateur websites, and childrenas books.
c. Read through the sources and determine if you will use them in your paper.
d. Make a list in correct MLA (or Chicago format if you are a History major) bibliographical form of at least five sources you will use for your paper. You should have at least 5 secondary sources on your list.
e. Write a paragraph for each source as to what the article or book contains that will be useful to you and why you have selected it for your research. Hand in (paper copy) your bibliography assignment no later than Thursday April 10. (Worth 15 points).
4. After your research and reading, develop a thesis statement about the event as related to all the sources you will use for your essay. The thesis statement should contain a concise viewpoint about the primary source document as it relates to the arguments posed by historians. Hand in your thesis statement and the synopsis of your essay (about a half page type-written) by Thursday April 24th at 4:00 pm. (Worth 20 points)
5. Write a 3-4 page paper formal essay describing the historical event. Be sure to refer to the primary document. Does that document square with the secondary documents? What are the historical controversies about the event and how do your sources persuade you to believe one version of the story over another? Be sure you prove your thesis statement with the documents you have chosen. Include in-text citation and a Works Cited page. Your primary document should appear on your WC pagea in other words, you should use that document as the base of your paper. Final Essay is due no later than 4:00 May 6th (Worth 60 points).