Omapring the book Huckleberry Finnnto people who were actually alive during the mid to late 19th century

You must draw some historical contrast and comparisons between the fictional characters and politics/society/economics during the first half of the 19th Century America. Using Polite Society/Manners/Middle Class Gentility, The common man in the 1840s, Politics and government in the south, Economic Position and the caste system in the south.
The choices above must all be in the paper and using the character Huck Finn and Judge Thatcher explain how twain used him in the novel to give a portrait of the common man in the 1840s America
Be specific in the usage of the characters and scenes from the novel. Use specific incidents and dialauge from the novel that shows pap as a common character says or does, but instead using your opinions analysis tie them in using the list of four things from above.