Ombating Childhood Obesity in Buraydah City in Saudi Arabia

I would like to design a community based project to combat childhood obesity in Buriydah City in Saudi Arabia. I intend to target primary school children who are between 6 to 12 years old. This should cover the main areas of community Health, including health and social determents. I will provide you with my previous work in the same topic which I used in public health module last semester. So, you can use the same information with paraphrasing and editing it according to the requirements of my tutor. Hopefully, it will be easier for you to use same work. Additionally, to design a new combat project targeting primary school children. I can tell you initially that this assignment is suggested to be divided to tow major parts and each part with approximately 3000 word. First part, the community assessment, to identify my chosen community in terms of demographic and socioeconomic backgrounds and the key public health services. additionally, to identify key public health concerns and what has been done in the community to address these concerns. Second part, the community health project to combat childhood obesity in Buriydah city, to critically reflect on socioeconomic, cultural, political and technical issues that are likely to arise in managing public health programmes. Please, consider involving government and private organization in the community based project which I suggest to be targeting school environment. Later,I will provide you with required learning outcome from my tutor so you can make sure to obtain them. It is worth mentioning to have introduction and conclusion please. Thank you so much