Ombatting Fires in Balloon-frame Consructions

several companies are combatting a working structure fire in a three-story, Victorian-style, balloon-frame house with a basement. The fire originated in the basement and spread to the main, or first floor. Although fire on the main floor had been suppressesed, there is still active fire in the attic. The second floor does not seem to have any fire involvement.

In your response identify the following:

function of each principle, structural component in typical building design.

Major issues: Indentify the major problems that should be considered given the scenario, building construction, structurl components associated with a balloon frame house, and hazards of the fire spread, as described

Potential solutions: Provide potential solutions for the major issues identified and any other problems associated with the scenario. Often there is more than one solution, so its useful to evaluate each solution in terms of its advantages and disadvantages. This will also assist in determining the recommendations.

Recommendations: This sevtion should outline yur recommendations based upon the proposed solutions for each of the identified problems.

Please use 6th edition APA formatting for all references.