Ombined Cycle Power Plant Environment, SWOT, and Financial analysis Term Paper 1/3 the course final outcome

Write an eight-page position paper, using the APA format, in which you apply critical thinking in an analysis that summarizes the strategic environment of the company you selected. The company is North American Energy Services. We are a contract operations and maintenance company working for Navasota Energy. We are located in Odessa Texas and are a combined cycle power plant. We just came online last year and are trying to find our place in the market. We have a total of 18 employees at the site. Include information about the:

” Organization s mission and vision, (See below)

” External environment including global competition,

” Internal environment using a SWOT analysis,

” Assessment of its financial position using the ratios and other financial data, (see the ratios for this analysis below) The company is privately owned and should be noted, thus the financials will not be available. We can use TXU s financials for comparison. total assets
Net Profit net income / net sales
Return on Investment net income / total assets
Return on Equity net income / shareholder assets


References are very important!