Ombo causal analysis and narrative. Showing how badly/why Eastern Kentucky is so poor

The assignment instructions are as follows: Essay assignment: narrative/causal argument
a? Length: 1200 words
a? Format: MLA Format (12 pt Times New Roman, double-spaced, 1a? margins)
a? Sources: use academic or other reputable sources as needed to support claims.
For this assignment, youll combine narrative and causal strategies to make your argument. In short, you should tell a storya something that happened to you, or perhaps something that happened to someone you knowa that incorporates an analysis of a cause-effect relationship.

Specifically Ill be arguing that much of Eastern Kentucky is very poor, thats a problem, and what the causes of the poverty epidemic are. To do this I will use a narrative argument as part of a larger cause and effect argument.

The paper is a causal analysis which means you must show cause and effect. The effect will be extreme poverty in Eastern Kentucky. This will be demonstrated with the narrative portion. You will make up a story since The story does not have to be real, but does need to be realistic.

So the paper will start out with a made up but believable (which is key) anecdote to show how bad poverty is in eastern Kentucky. The paper begins with how I (you), who grew up in the middle class suburbs of relatively prosperous mid-size city of Lexington, Kentucky went on a service trip to the very poor Martin County (or similar area) in Eastern Kentucky in summer of 2012. I underestimated the depth of the depravity that people experience some of the eastern counties. Throughly describe how bad the poverty is in the area visited. (for the specifics look at news reports and academic journal entries for the specifics, much has been written about certain extremely poor counties and towns that range from many people out of work to a lack of basic services and shelters and many live off of the government. The cynic might say Im suggesting you rip off real stories of news reporters visiting these places, but I choose to think of it as creative writing being inspired by actual events, like a movie). This is the narrative aspect of the paper. With this narrative you establish that the problem of poverty in this region is severe. The effect is the poverty, but what is the cause? That is the next part of the paper.

Use academic journals, reliable news articles or books to why the region suffers in the way that it does. This will require research. The reasons cam be economic, socioeconomic, or whatever sounds good. Some possible causes are lack of good infrastructure, poor public education, decline of the coal industry (because of cheep natural gas prices, government regulation, etc...). Demonstrate how these causes of poverty led to the the effect of the poverty I witnessed.
This should probably be at least 2 pages. Use reliable sources to make the argument of the causes of poverty but refer back to the the story at certain points like the conclusion for sure.

In the conclusion:
tie everything together, and say something like that even knowing how bad the poverty problem is and what the causes are there arent easy solutions (maybe discuss some possible solutions).

Use as many sources as needed. Include Clear introduction, body, and conclusion.

Thanks for your help. This seemed like a very difficult thing to produce in so short a time, but I have faith that a professional such as yourself can churn out a very good paper for me to go off of.