Ome Care In The United States: Regulatory & Legal Issues


1. This paper is a basic research paper for an elective class on Elder Law, in law school. It is not a Law review type of paper, nor a legal memoranda type of paper…just a research paper on Home Care in the U.S.!!!

2. This paper should describe the Home Health Care Delivery system in the United States, including any/all medicare/medicaid regulations. The paper should allow the reader to understand the Home Health Care
Delivery System, including any Federal/State regulations pertaining to the state of Ohio and/or Kentucky (Both would be great)!!

3. The paper should include how homecare is funded by medicare/medicaid and by other payor sources (such as private insurance or private paying by the individual client.

4. The paper should describe how the medicare/medicaid beneficiary is qualified for the service of Homecare under Part A & Part B of the Medicare guidelines.

5. The paper should cover the various services that are available under home care regulations.

6. The paper should include an appendix at the end of the paper that explains various terms used in the Home Care Industry (I will upload several websites that have the terms I am attempting to describe).